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The Sunshine Pilot Club of Nassau (SPC) was chartered on 14th June 2009.
The SPC was formed as a result of two existing clubs in the Bahamas District combining their efforts. The Downtown Pilot Club and the Luncheon Pilot Club felt a need to join in order to build strength and create partnerships which would allow the new club to better serve the community. In the presence of the Pilot International President Deborah Archer, a member of the Pilot Club of Lucaya, the SPC was chartered with 34 members. The vision of the SPC is for continued strength and renewed commitment with a spirit of friendship and service.
The club on May 2019 celebrated 10 years of friendship and service with a Past Presidents Dinner.

The Sunshine Pilot club is made up of professional business women from all parts of the community.  Ranging from working fulltime to retired persons of diverse fields such as education, banking, religion and social work.

The club meets monthly and after conducting the business meeting involving club affairs, dinner and the program part of the meeting takes place.  

Program meetings have ranged from speakers on topics of brain-related disorders, motivational speakers and on maintaining good health.  When the club goes out to provide service to the community we assist the elderly, teenagers at risk and educate primary school students on brain safety.  We also assist local charities such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army in their fundraising activities.The many clubs of the Bahamas District include two clubs on New Providence, two on Grand Bahama and one on Abaco who meet annually in a District Convention.  Internationally we travel to a city in the US or Canada to meet other Pilot club members from the US, Japan and South Africa.

Joined in friendship and service we can do more to assist our local communities and meet some great people.A candidate who has been proposed for membership must attend at least two (2) business meetings with the President’s permission prior to the Club determining whether she/he may be invited into membership.


President - Lina Mortimer Reyes
President-Elect  - Tyrell Farquharson
Vice President - Deanne Johnson
Secretary - Lesia Sands

Treasurer - Eloise Whyms



Dorian Cox

Sheila McPhee

Beverly Nairn

Alicia Smith

Sophia Walker



Anchor - Amanda Bethell
Fundraising - Tyrell Farquharson
Membership  -  Dellareese Wilson
Projects - Zelrona Mackey
Leadership -  Nikia Forbes

Pick-Me-Ups  -  Laverne Thompson


Inspirational Leader  -  Yolande Julien
Parliamentarian - Constance Delancey
Public Relations - Patricia Culmer

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In 1921, Pilot International (PI) was started in Macon, Georgia.  The symbol of the Pilot emblem is a riverboat pilot’s wheel with eight (8) spokes.  The name Pilot was inspired by the mighty riverboat pilots of the day who represented leadership and guidance. In time PI spread to many different parts of the US, Canada and Japan and the mission of the clubs was to influence positive change in communities throughout the world.  
Through friendship and service, Pilot club members focus on the following;
•    Preparing youth and young adults for Service
•    Encouraging brain safety and health
•    Supporting those who care for others.

After being a part of the Clubs of Evolving Districts (COED) for many years, in 2002 the Pilot clubs of The Bahamas formed the Bahamas District.  In the Pilot International organization there are 20 Districts.

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