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Sunshine Pilot Club Recognizes Caregivers

Updated: May 24, 2020

One of the core projects of Pilot International is the "Pick Me Up" Programme. It seeks to recognize those who give care to others.


Kevin Clarke - Over 7 years ago Kevin Clarke suffered several massive strokes which resulted in him having a craniotomy (cutting out a portion of his skull to relieve pressure and store the skull in the stomach)

The journey of care and recovery has been challenging for the entire family including his wife Desiree and children Ashley, Alexis and Cameron.

Kevin was hospitalized for five (5) months and underwent years of therapy. He is unable to walk, totally paralyzed on his right side or speak clearly, however he is alive with some comprehension. His illness has resulted in a total change of lifestyle in every aspect for the entire family.

However we are grateful for his life. The support from family, friends, car-taker, Evangelistic Temple Church family, former work colleagues, neighbors, community nurses, etc has been absolutely amazing and we are so tremendously grateful and extremely appreciative. Although our life is full of challenges, God has blessed us beyond measure. We say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks a million to the Sunshine Pilot Club for the  gifts and generosity....
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