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Christmas Initiative

I am Charmair Laroda, and I'm a survivor of hurricane Dorian. I along with my family of seven experienced the most horrific storm of our lives. Our home of 30 years was destroyed along with personal items.

We came into Nassau days after when flights were able to get into Nassau. I had taken my daughter to get her into Aquinas when I met Mrs. Dorian Cox a former colleague of mine. She found out that I had been through the most life changing experience and took my number. Days later she reached out to me to find out if we could use any personal hygiene items. I was so delighted she remembered me and agreed to take anything. She sponsored these items on behalf of the Sunshine Pilot Club of Nassau. I was most grateful.

So, Christmas was approaching. Everyone was running around and doing what they have to do. Of course, we are trying to get our lives back on track and no course of action. I got another call out the blue from Mrs. Cox. This time she shared wonderful news again that The Sunshine Pilot Club of Nassau was preparing items for affected displaced persons during the Christmas, and she remembered our family. I was elated of their thoughts and that they remembered us. It helped to alleviate the load that we had to bear.

I am ever so grateful to the Pilot Club for taking time to remember us. You helped many days through the kind gestures to put a smile on our faces. On behalf of the Laroda family we thank you and wish many blessings as you help others in need!
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