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Joan Knowles has been teaching for over 25 years.

She has a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Barry University, USA;

a Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education from University of Melbourne, Australia and two Associates Degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and General Education and a Teaching Certificate from the College of The Bahamas and University of The West Indies (UWI).

Joan Knowles speaking to the members of the Sunshine Pilot Club of East Nassau

She is Distinguished President Kiwanis Club of Cable Beach Former Acting President/Vice President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers Sir Gerald Cash Outstanding Teacher 2012 National Teacher of the Year 2000-2001

Assistant Public Relations Officer for the Bahamas Cricket Association

Presently employed as a Senior Mistress for The Ministry of Education.

She compared us as to a PILOT we must have a Mission to effect the Change. Make a Positive Impact on lives as we go along. She used our name PILOT Acronyms as our guide for the New Year.

Pilots participated with the Spelling of PILOT.

P - Be Professional (Persons are looking for good role Models)

I - Be Intentional (Influence lives with Passion to make a change)

L - Be Loving and Loyal. Love what you do and Live up to your Obligation

O - Be Optimistic and Overcome obstacles

T - Give your Time, Talent and Treasure. Be you!!

Continue to be Trailblazers. TEAMWORK will get the Work done.

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